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Turning data into valuable business solutions

A forward-looking consulting firm that will work with you to build an analytics driven organisation to achieve better performance through data.

What can you gain out of data analytics?


Value to your business and complexity of analytics

"Imagine your business unleashing the power of data"

Types of Data Analytics - Letolle Consulting


prescriptive analytics


predictive analytics


diagnostic analytics


descriptive analytics

Backward looking analytics - Letolle Consulting

descriptive analytics

"What happened?"

diagnostic analytics

"Why did this happen?"


Backward looking

+ Detects and describes patterns

+ Provides insights into the past and guides how to dig deeper

Forward looking analytics - Letolle Consulting

predictive analytics

"What is likely happen?"

prescriptive analytics

"What do we need to do?"


Forward looking

+ Provides optimisation and decision rules (for future events based on probabilities)

+ Recommends one or more actions from prediction models

What are the steps to data analytics?

Step 1 & 2

Identify goals early to provide project with direction

Steps in data analytics - Letolle Consulting

Decide on  objectives

Identify business levers

Optimise and repeat




Data collection


Step 3

Get more data from diverse sources to find better correlations, build better models and find more actionable-insights

Data modelling


Data cleaning


Step 6

Data value chain is a repeatable process which leads to continuous improvement to the business and the data itself

Step 5

Models will be built to correlate data with business outcomes and make recommendations

Step 4

Clean data to prevent distortion of analysis. Clean data provides better outcomes.

Which data maturity level are you at right now?

Data maturity level - Letolle Consulting

Data analytics journey

No data, no decision.

Data Analytics Maturity 0 - Letolle Consulting
Data Analytics Maturity 5 - Letolle Consulting
Data Analytics Maturity 2 - Letolle Consulting
Data Analytics Maturity 3 - Letolle Consulting
Data Analytics Maturity 4 - Letolle Consulting
Data Analytics Maturity 1 - Letolle Consulting

maturity level 0

in the dark

We are OK, thanks

maturity level 1

catching up

Where do we start?

maturity level 2

first pilot(s)

How does this work?

Analytics seamlessly integrated into business processes.

maturity level 5

optimise and extend

 Continue to learn and enhance

maturity level 4

strategic value

 Current business is now dependent on big data

maturity level 3

tactical value

First project(s) show clear ROI

How we work with clients?


Data Analytics - Letolle Consulting

We recommend where to extract value through analytics.


Data Analytics - Letolle Consulting

We scan external sources to find relevant available data to complement your data.


Data Analytics - Letolle Consulting

We extract data from your internal files and systems, and automate data cleaning where possible.


Data Analytics - Letolle Consulting

We define trends and extract meaningful predictions through model and analytics.


Data Analytics - Letolle Consulting

We recommend business and process improvements. We can build a dashboard to leverage data visualisation.


Data Analytics - Letolle Consulting

We continuously monitor and bring insights from data analytics, and fine-tune the predictive models.

Ready for growth - Letolle Consulting Singapore

Ready for growth?

With the right solutions, you’ll always be a step ahead in your industry.

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