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Letolle Consulting - Jeanne Kuah

 I am a strategist. 

I'm a strategist. I have a strong passion to bring a different perspective and help businesses grow. In some ways, this means proofing the future. The amount of data that is being generated today is enormous and will continue growing at a rapid pace. I work to generate proprietary insights.

I have worked both as an external strategy consultant at one of the world's largest consulting firms and internal strategy consultant at various multinationals. I have performed projects for Fortune 500 companies and global organisations such as Heinz, SCA, Guinness, Carlsberg and Wilhelmsen Shipping.


I developed deep understanding on clients' perspectives, operational challenges and requirements for implementation. I believe plans should be practical.

I hope that we will be able to work with your company for a smarter future. Connect with me on Linkedin!

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Welcome to Letolle Consulting

Letolle Consulting - Smarter Future

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I am digitally driven and have helped 10+ large enterprises to maximise revenue/ profits. My skill set includes leveraging big data analytics to make business decisions across an enterprise’s business cycle.

I have also co-founded a separate IT Consulting firm that helps large enterprises leverage the power of digitalization and specializes in the areas of IT infrastructure automation and cybersecurity.

Letolle Consulting - Frederick Chung
Letolle Consulting - Tepin Getuadisorn

I have managed 600+ market research projects for US, West European, Australian, Japanese, Israeli and Thai multinationals. I have worked with organizations such as ADB, and international embassies.


Previously, I was Managing Director of a Netherlands based global consulting firm and Executive VP and Head of Market Research at The Brooker Group PLC, a listed management consulting firm.

Letolle Consulting - Wong Jia Min

I am experienced in strategy development and market research. I have worked in various business improvement projects, and facilitated workshops and labs.

I graduated in BA (Hons) in Political Science & International Affairs with minor in Economics from George Washington University and was awarded the Howard C. Sacks Prize for outstanding research and academic achievement.

Letolle Consulting - Sophia Wong

I am experienced in strategy, Risk Management, Project Management and Business Process Management. I have done projects for large global organisations including Accenture, Credit Suisse, Swiss Reinsurance and Willis Re.


I graduated in BSc (Merit) in Economics from NUS Singapore. I have worked across the region namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam.

I have vast experience in the areas of market size, distribution network, trends and competitor analysis. I have worked for consulting companies including The Nielsen Company and Tractus.


I won the “Special Technology Award” out of 34 participants at TiC100 Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Taipei, Taiwan for innovative business model application. 

Letolle Consulting - Sarit Sithiserichon
Our Company

Our Company


Our mission is clear. We first listen and then go deep to unlock insight. We brainstorm ideas together to see where we can drive growth. We are outcomes-focused, wanting to create lasting legacies through what we deliver and the way that we work. We are knowledgeable about making your benefits higher.

Why Letolle?


Good approach

We look into a systematic approach to address relevant ideas with good quality work. We can deliver large scale consulting projects using the Waterfall (phased) method. We focus on results.



We are always innovating to see where we can add value. We question the status-quo to bring better solution to the table. We combine facilitated approach with sound thinking.


Our experts have the experience to accelerate growth in your organisation. They also have the experience in the relevant areas to know what works and what does not.

At Letolle Consulting, a different approach is taken as an independent management consulting firm. We work within and as part of our client's leadership teams rather than looking in from the outside. We bring ideas, challenge and insights, tailoring our approach. We combine data science where required.

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